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About us

Who we are

Answered Insight is a research company, using contemporary research engagement and digital media methods to deliver fast, cost-effective and reliable quantitative research.

We manage the complete research requirement from end-to-end; recruiting survey respondents that match the desired market, designing the questionnaire, conducting the survey and collecting the data.

The results obtained are analyzed applying sound, sophisticated statistical methods and translated into meaningful visualization and meaningful insight.

Through our own panel and those of our partners, we have immediate access to:

  • 36,712 South Africans and 5,880 South African businesses on our proprietary Insights Answered panel
  • Medpages HCP database of medical professionals
  • 34 African countries, with multiple panel partners.

Our promise to you

  • High data quality
  • Good accessibility even to specific target groups with low incidence
  • Smooth organization and handling with a single contact person
  • Excellent value for money
  • Short in-field turnaround times – delivering rapid project completion and data delivery 


I actually look forward to the surveys, as I enjoy research. I learn a lot about what’s about to hit the market and am proud to provide input into the world of marketing.

Dustin Jacobs

I absolutely love your panel. Wish There were more like you. Your surveys are straight forward and great to do. Thank you!!

Regina Oberholzer

I enjoy challenges and perceptions. These questionaires give me a sense of participation and value. Thanks!

Steve Zimmerman

I love answered to be honest. You guys have the best surveys, they are short, to the point and pay a reasonable amount. Your help centre is also very efficient. Just wish there was more surveys though 🙂

Seja Mayaba

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